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Bright Gold Stars for Teaforia

Great Taste is the World’s largest and most trusted Food and Drink Awards. Great Taste puts food and drink to the test with panels of over 450 experts. Opinions are straightforward, honest and impartial from chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers.

Our very own Citrus Zen has received 2 Great Taste stars for its “[impressive] balance of the green tea, the lemon and the lemongrass.” We are delighted to receive the accolade! Every day we endeavour to create delightful, well balanced blends that use ground tea as a core ingredient. We are also committed to maintain that quality through all our batches by carefully testing each and every batch, looking for consistent quality and flavour.

We also received other Great taste stars for other teas that we have for food service. We are keen to continue working on improving all our recipes and ensuring that we stay on top of trends and incredible flavour combinations.

Tea has given us so much, this is the least we can do to give tea our full respect and commitment!

If you wish to receive a FREE SAMPLE of the Award Winning (2 star!) Citrus Zen – Gourmet Ground Matcha Tea (finely ground matcha tea with zesty lemon and a hint of exotic lemongrass) please get in touch!

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