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Introducing Extraordinary Iced Teas

ICED TEA HERE TO STAY: a range of stone ground tea blends featuring various teas and dehydrated foods. They are very easy to prepare, but above all, as with all Teaforia products, they taste like no other!

A couple of years ago, we walked into a coffee shop during a nice hot summer day. We looked at the menu and we saw only hot drinks. We then asked the staff “do you have any cold drinks” she pointed at a couple of bottles of syrup and she said “yes, we do iced tea.”

The syrup bottles looked all the same colour, the tea was going to be made with shots of syrup and water.

All this for £2.50? People deserve more!

So, we headed back to the prep kitchen and got to work.

We crafted a range of 4 incredible tea powders made from stone ground full leaf tea, dehydrated fruits and 100% natural finely ground cane sugar.


We took our time, as we wanted to make sure the iced tea wasn’t just liked by us. We put it to the test!

Thousands have given us feedback and we feel confident to say that Teaforia’s iced tea range is set to be a hit at your café.

Ask us how we can help you create a mouth watering display that will get those hot customers refreshed.

The teas will be up and ready on our website soon, but in the meantime you can check them out from our distributors, BTHCo. at