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Matcha Madness Ideas


going mad for matcha?  19 Ways to get your Matcha fix
We LOVE drinking our matcha tea in the morning to get us energised for the day… but…. did you know?! There is so much more you can do with this little super powder?

Our Premium Matcha is fantastic as a tea or quick energising shot but it can also be used in baking, cooking and so much more!

This guy is very versatile. So if tea isn’t your thing (shock, horror!!), or you’re just a foodie who feels like experimenting with this tasty, antioxidant powder, we’ve come up with some ideas to get the super power powder in your life. We hope you find your perfect match(a)!

1. Ice. Dissolve the powder in hot water and then pour in to an ice tray and freeze. This is then great with some yummy almond milk or your choice of beverage.


2. Iced lollies – mix the green tea powder with almond milk or yoghurt and the fruit of your choice — freeze in a lolly mould and enjoy on a warm day.

3. Biscuits – add matcha to the dry ingredients of any biscuit recipe to make bright green, sin-free cookies.

4. Sprinkled over porridge or cereal – an easy way to get matcha in to your daily routine.

5. In your smoothie or juice – get an extra green hit by adding matcha to your favourite breakfast beverage.

6. Cake – The Internet is jam packed with matcha cake recipes! Add a little nutrition to your sweet treat.

7. Ice cream – combine heavy cream, granulated sugar, milk, cornstarch and the green tea powder for a delicious creamy treat.

8. Latte – we sell a ready-made Teaforia matcha latte powder in our Gourmet Range. But you can also use pure matcha instead of coffee when making at home lattes.

9. Pancakes – For a recipe that makes 4-5 pancakes, add 1 tabelspoon of matcha to the dry ingredients for your usual pancake recipe.

10. Waffles – For a recipe that makes 4-6 waffles, add 1.5 teaspoons to the dry ingredients. Tastes great with a little honey and vanilla essence added to the wet ingredients.

11. Cocktails – mix cooled, dissolved green tea powder into a multitude of cocktail recipes. It goes particularly well with lemon and citrus flavours.

12. Salad dressing – mix olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon juice and matcha to make a delicious Japanese inspired dressing — great for bento!

13. Iced – our matcha is just as nice drunk iced as warm. Use boiling water first to dissolve the powder, then add cold water and ice. Be sure to check out our Citrus Zen gourmet blend for the ultimate iced experience.

14. Butter – let butter get relatively soft and then add in the matcha. Wrap in parchment paper and refrigerate. Goes great with a drizzle of  honey.

15. Pudding – make a delicious milk pudding by combining matcha, milk, gelatin and sugar. Soak gelatin to soften. Dissolve milk and sugar over a medium heat. Lower the heat and add in the sieved matcha along with the gelatin, mix until dissolved. Strain into moulds and chill.

16. Udon noodles – simply mix matcha into the flour, salt and water mix. This makes amazing looking green noodles with a healthy twist.

17. Rice – tea rice is a traditional Japanese dish. Simply mix together some green tea powder, olive oil and shio koji (a Japanese seasoning), and add to the water that you are boiling the rice in.

18. Salt – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Add together some salt and matcha and voila, you have a tastier salt with a little added goodness. Try using a smoked salt as a base for an out of this world culinary delight.

19. Truffles – This one is one of our top favourites. Check out the amazing recipe by an incredibly talented blogger, Sophie.

We would love to see the treats you whip up. Tag us (@Teaforia) in your matcha madness posts!