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Wait.. what? Why Ground Tea?!

One of the things that sets Teaforia apart from other tea brands is our use of ground tea powder that dissolves in water. While this isn’t the most common thing, it is the absolute best way to enjoy a cuppa! (At least we very much believe it is).


It all started with Buddhist monks in Japan who for centuries have been using this method — steaming, drying and grinding tealeaves that would then be diffused in water instead of brewed. We were fascinated as to why and our curiosity led us to delve a little further into ground tea.


So, what’s the deal? You may ask! Well, when ground tea is dissolved the result is a much more flavourful and fuller bodied tea than you get with other methods. This is due to the fact that the whole tealeaf is being consumed, every last bit of tea goodness, rather than thrown away as it is with bagged or loose tea after a short period of soaking. Studies have also shown that only 10-20% of the healthy nutrients found in tea are consumed when drinking it brewed, that means up to 90% of the many amazing health benefits of various teas are simply being wasted.

But not with Teaforia!

We decided to take advantage of the incredible taste and health benefits that ground tea provides, and make them even better!

So how did we do this?! We’ve added natural ingredients like lemon, ginger and vanilla to boost both the yum factor and the health factor of our tea powders. These ingredients have been mixed into 6 unique blends to give you the ultimate tea experience.

So, what are you waiting for? The ground tea bandwagon is just waitin for you to jump on!!